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Is it true that if I select my own General contractor, I am still at the mercy of the subcontractors for scheduling, communication, and quality?

Craig Sharp Homes is very fortunate to have a great pool of trade partners. Most of these partners have been with us for many years and are treated like employees. Craig Sharp Homes proudly stands behind all of our partners – the buck stops with us. Furthermore, as a preferred builder with many of the subcontractors that will work on your home, Craig Sharp Homes is their business’ top priority.

What is the warranty on a new home?

Included with every Craig Sharp Home is a very in-depth, 1 year warranty from a trusted third party company. This method insures you receive an impartial analysis of your entire home before closing, and at regular intervals through the warranty period. The warranty team does a great job of scheduling, tracking, and following up with any warranty items you may have.

Many other areas have longer warranties such as the following: Windows, HVAC Equipment, Basement Waterproofing, Appliances, Roofing, Siding, and Composite Deck Materials. For an additional cost, an RWC – Residential Warranty Corporation – 10 Year Structural Warranty can be added for your peace of mind.

What are the advantages of building a new home vs. purchasing an existing home?

The advantages of building a new home vs buying an existing one are many. Within the first year there are no maintenance costs to worry about, and actually there are minimal maintenance costs for many years thereafter. Insurance premiums are considerably less with a new roof, appliances, and building materials. New homes are also much more energy efficient to existing homes in every category, which could save hundreds of dollars each year in utilities.
It is standard practice for Craig Sharp Homes to include upgraded, more energy efficient appliances inside your home as well as a water well for irrigation outside your home. Both features save you money throughout the life of your home.

The construction loan process is intimidating to me. Can you explain it?

The process of applying and getting approved for a construction loan can be confusing to most people, especially if they have not been through it before. Craig stays up-to-date on the various types of loans and the process for each, and is able to explain and assist you to make this process easier. While not a certified loan officer, Craig has years worth of experience to help translate the entire process for you in a way that you can understand. In fact, we’ve put together an overview of your options for building a home with an FHA loan or a VA loan to help clarify the process.​

Unlike most builders, Craig Sharp Homes is able to carry the construction loan for you, should that be a better option in your situation. We are also not tied to any specific lender, and have worked with most in the area. If you do not have a lender in mind, we are more than happy to recommend one to you.

Is it true that when building a new home, there are often substantial cost overruns compared to the initial contract? What can I expect?

With many builders this can be the case as they attempt to earn your business with a lower price. This often means low-end budgets and allowances that do not fit most homeowners. The standard allowances and product quality for Craig Sharp Homes are much more in line with the typical homeowner and the homes they showcase in the bi-annual Parade of Homes or on their website. Craig also personally meets with individual homeowners throughout the design process to gauge their anticipated materials and finishes and can adjust the allowances before a contract is signed. Communication is always key. Craig and his team take the time to listen to your desires and communicate cost overages or savings during the entire process, not just at closing.

As one of the top builders in the Wichita area, Craig Sharp Homes also has immense buying power with their vendors. The savings they receive are passed along directly to you, the client. In fact, when building with Craig Sharp Homes you will receive our pricing on materials – other local builders mark up material costs.

When building a new home, it seems there are Many selections to make on a tight deadline. How does the selection process work at Craig Sharp homes?

Unfortunately, with some builders you really end up on your own. The team at Craig Sharp Homes has worked over their 50+ year history – through today – to streamline this process as much as possible. Our home-building process begins with a Selection Guide (a blank copy of which you can find on our website) and a sit down meeting with our office staff to review the process, each step, and what is required of you. After a contract is filled out, your personalized guide will be filled out to assist in guiding you through the selections for your new home. Of course if you ever have any questions, the entire team is only a phone call or email away.

A huge benefit to you as a Craig Sharp Homes’ client is the use of their Design Center, located within our office. The Design Center is stocked with many of the smaller items you will need to select, and saves you multiple trips across town. Examples include cabinets, granite, door styles, trim, and hardware, but we are constantly adding new products for your convenience. Having a central location for so many of your selection allows you to enjoy the process with the added comfort of knowledgeable staff on hand that is always willing to assist you.

I’ve heard that after you sign a contract with a builder, you are on your own through the rest of the construction process. Is this true?

​Craig Sharp Homes has friendly office staff that are there for you any time to answer questions, offer opinions, and support you in any way. You are also assigned a designated Superintendent that is available most any time during the day who is familiar with your specific house. Craig himself provides you with his personal cell phone number and email address and is available to assist you as well, should the need arise. Our entire Craig Sharp Homes team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and confident in your choice of using us for your new home.

Do all builders use lower quality, builder grade materials on new homes?

It is true that some builders use very cheap products as their base finishes. One area that sets Craig Sharp Homes apart from other builders is the quality of our base products as well as the higher base allowances included in our pricing. This is a very important area to review when choosing a builder, and Craig Sharp Homes wants you to be happy at the end of the home building process and not frustrated with unforeseen overages or substandard materials.

I have never built a new home before. What is the process and where do I start?

There are a few different ways to get started when choosing a builder. Craig Sharp Homes has a detailed and in-depth website with pictures, floor plans, and virtual 3D tours that allow you to experience our homes as if in person, but from the comfort of your home. Craig Sharp also employs an architect on staff full-time to custom design your dream home – modifying existing plans, combining several plans together, or even starting from scratch.

At Craig Sharp homes, we are excited to welcome you to our office and Design Center for a no obligation consultation to explore the process with you and explain in detail how it works. Remember when choosing a builder to talk with their existing clients and tour their models, if possible. Again, the 3D virtual tours here on our website are great research tools in this aspect. Building a new home can be a great and rewarding experience if you choose the right builder!

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