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How Fast Can a New Home Be Built

How Fast Can a New Home Be Built?

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We hope everyone had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving! We are certainly thankful for the opportunity to help potential homeowners in the area design and build their new homes as well as the friends and family we enjoy all year long. One of the initial questions we often get asked is how soon we can start a new home and/or how soon the home will be ready for move-in. There are many factors that can affect scheduling, but our goal is always to run a tight ship without cutting any corners.

There is a popular sign found in shops, designer’s cubicles, and elsewhere with a simple choice for any number of projects, including building a new home. Your new home can be built cheap, it can be built well, or it can be built fast: choose two. While this is an oversimplification and adaptation to a new home project there is some truth in the limitation it outlines. A new home can be built well and fast, but that won’t be cheap, or it can be built cheap and fast but then it won’t be built well.

At Craig Sharp Homes we find a healthy combination of all three fits us perfectly. Having built homes for over 50 years now, we have built up a reputation (one that we strive to maintain daily) of building homes well. Our tradespeople are highly skilled craftsmen that, together, produce beautiful homes that last.

We also strive to build high quality homes quickly, though without sacrificing quality. There are several advantages in building a home quickly, but the top two are reduced damage to building materials that sit out on a job site and allowing our homeowners to enjoy their home quicker after signing a building contract with us. We work closely with our vendors and suppliers to update our schedules weekly for all of our jobs to ensure that our materials are delivered just in time for use on the site. Not only does this prevent damage to the materials, especially early on in the project when there may not be a dry place available for storage yet, but it also eliminates lost or stolen materials which helps shorten the timeline as well. For our homeowners, making selections and picking appliances can be a lot of fun but all of them are ready to enjoy their finished home as soon as possible. To date, we have received zero complaints for completing a home ahead of schedule.

So while we may not be featured on your favorite design show for building or renovating a home in just a week, most of our homes are built in 5-7 months. This can be dependent on weather, selections, and other factors, but it is a good rule of thumb.

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